It´s been quite some since the last release but here it is!

  • Increased the number of jingles playing at the same time from 4 to 8.
  • Redesigned the jingle properties form.
  • More control for each specific jingle:
    • Loop
    • Volume Level
    • Pitch/Rate
    • Fade In/Out
    • Assign a keyboard shortcut
  • New jingle play modes:
    • Duck – Fades the volume on currently playing jingles while playing, then fade them back up.
    • Solo – Always fades out all other currently playing jingles.
    • Mix – Always mixes the jingle with currently playing jingles.
  • UI performance tweaks.
  • Handle multiple output devices better.
  • Option to display jingle settings on the jingle button.

This is the new properties window:

This version will be free for registered users with a license bought after 2018-09-01. If you qualify for a free upgrade please contact us at info@snapjingleplayer,com for instructions how to upgrade for free. As a previous owner with an older license you are still entitled to a discounted upgrade, click here to buy an upgrade.

Happy Snapping!
The Snap Team